Davidson Reserve Genesis

Our Davidson Reserve Genesis is the first whiskey that we distilled and was put into barrels to age on October 14th, 2014. We only produced about 1,000 bottles of this incredibly special whiskey.


70% Tennessee Corn
25% Tennessee Rye
5% Barley


Being the first batch of whiskey that we distilled, and aged in barrel, the limited edition Davidson Reserve Genesis is truly the very first bottle-in-bond whiskey produced in Nashville since prohibition. As the name describes, this is our genesis, our beginning.

Davidson Reserve Genesis is the fullest and truest expression of what we attempting to produce at the distillery - spirits that both embrace our history while exploring new and exciting ways to produce unique products that are truly unique from other whiskeys. While a very limited number of these bottles were produced, this very first batch has guided us and helped establish a mission to produce the best whiskey in Tennessee.


Gold Medal recipient at the 2019 Sip Awards International Spirits Competition.