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About Davidson Reserve

Davidson Reserve’s award-winning whiskey joins the very small club of Tennessee distilleries that perform every function of the production process on-site. At our facility in West Nashville, we do everything except grow the grain (which is sourced locally from Renfroe Farms just up the road in Huntington), and we’re the first bottled in bond distillery in the state to receive the sought-after designation since the 19th century.

Pennington Distilling Co began in 2011 in Nashville, TN; and although we’ve released a variety of products, Davidson Reserve is the truest expression of what originally inspired us to open a distillery. It’s a reflection of Tennessee heritage and history that connects us to a long (and storied) history of distilling alcohol in our home state.

What Makes Us Special?

We’ll shoot straight with you – the truth is that most of the “small-batch” whiskey, bourbon, and rye produced in America isn’t really all that small-batch. While many small and artisanal distilleries will barrel-age and bottle their own product, more often than not, they are purchasing their unaged distillate from larger producers who have distilled this alcohol in large batches using ingredients sourced from the industrial agriculture supply chain. These distilleries will then take this unflavored and unaged alcohol and put it into their own barrels to age. It’s finally bottled and sold as “small-batch” when really none of the distillation was actually done in the distillery.

We are proud of what we do, and that’s why we want you to know the difference. While we don’t hold it against other distilleries for using this process, we believe the best whiskey (like most things) is a reflection of the people and the place from which it is produced. What we mean by this is that by sourcing our grains from what is essentially our back yard and by distilling this grain in our own facility, we impart the flavors of Tennessee directly into our whiskey. By working with a local grain producer and having complete control over the distillation process, we’ve created a product that isn't standardized or uniform; and our whiskey directly reflects the flavors of each particular harvest as well as all of the variables that change each day when we distill.

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