First Tennessee Whiskey from Nashville’s Pennington Distilling Co.

Bottle In Bond Whiskey Nashville

Straight Up 615 recently covered the release of our brand new Tennessee Whiskey! We’re super proud of this exciting new product, and we really appreciate this fantastic writeup. From the piece:

“Pennington Distilling Co. was able to resist many of the temptations of typical young distilleries. They use only full sized, 53 gallon barrels to age their whiskies and they have not released an immature product. Distillery founder, president, and namesake Jeff Pennington positioned himself for this exact task very early on. “It’s really difficult to write a check and leave it on the shelf for four years,” Pennington told me on my first visit several years ago. Contract distilling and bottling, a line of vodka, flavored ryes, their Tennessee sipping cream, and a partnership with Tommy Bernard kept the stills running and the bills paid while they patiently waited for right time to bottle their various whiskies.”

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